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Archie #603

USD $ 5.00

(W) Michael Uslan (A) Stan Goldberg
"Archie Marries Betty: Will You Marry Me?": What in the world... has Archie had a change of heart? He just married Veronica - how can it be that he's now proposing to comics' favorite girl-next-door, Betty? It looks like Archie may have taken another walk up Memory Lane... and it's taken him back to that fateful day when he graduated from college. Just like last time, Archie's decided to get married... but unlike last time, he's decided to get married to a different girl! What led Archie to pick Betty over Veronica after all? How will Veronica react? With Mr. Cooper out of work, who will pay for the wedding? Can Archie even afford to get married without a job of his own? Can Veronica swallow her pride enough to be Betty's maid of honor... and is there any guarantee she won't ruin the wedding? One thing is certain: this is the biggest event in Archie Comics history since Archie Married Veronica! Acclaimed superhero movie producer Michael Uslan draws upon his lifelong love of Archie comic books to write this very special tale, rendered by legendary Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg! The latest, mind-boggling chapter in the Archie story of the century begins here... don't miss it!