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Archie #604

USD $ 4.25

(W) Michael Uslan (A) Stan Goldberg
"Archie Marries Betty: You May Kiss the Bride!": Archie has fallen head-over-heels for the girl-next-door, and Betty has accepted his proposal! But all is not pre-wedded bliss, not with Archie out of work. Now Archie and Betty have to scrape together all they have just to have a modest wedding. But when one thing after another goes wrong, they get help from an unexpected benefactor. You'll cry tears of joy when Archie and Betty tie the knot... and tears of sympathy when Archie and Veronica have a heart-to-heart talk about his decision. And that's just the beginning of the adventure, as the newlyweds head to New York for Betty's new job as fashion buyer for a famed clothing boutique. What could possibly happen next? The answers may astound you, as the Archie story of the century continues