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24 Cold Warriors

24 Cold Warriors

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Jack Bauer is back, and this time, he's far away from his comfort zone in this all-new one-shot from Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp) and Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire). It had to be something big to draw not only Jack Bauer out of Los Angeles, but Chloe O'Brian as well. Jack and Chloe find themselves at a remote communications station in Alaska during a huge snow storm, trying to stop a Russian terrorist from Jack's past from bringing down all wireless communications in the U.S. Once there, Jack is teamed up with his Alaskan CTU counterpart who also holds a link to Jack's past. Forty-eight spine-breaking, bone-chilling pages with an ending twist that hits like a .50-caliber sniper bullet.

24 Cold Warriors

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FAQs on 24 Cold Warriors

How much does "24 Cold Warriors" cost at Wonderland Comics?

The price of "24 Cold Warriors" at Wonderland Comics is USD $3.75.

Who is the publisher of "24 Cold Warriors"?

The publisher of "24 Cold Warriors" is IDW Publishing.

What category does "24 Cold Warriors" fall under?

"24 Cold Warriors" falls under the category of Comics.