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Angel Fire Limited Series Bundle Issues 1-3

USD $ 11.00

Believe it or not, Anastasia Pizer actually volunteered to become a human tactical Weapon. In the secret labs and hidden training grounds of Project: ANGEL, she eagerly tackled infiltration drills and combat simulations while the worst most girls her age faced was fighting off drunk frat boys. But the nameless government agency that inducted her wasn't satisfied to merely train Anastasia. She was augmented by nanotechnology, giving her strength and healing abilities beyond a normal human. The nanites also began manifesting unpredictable energy powers that, to this day, continue to evolve. Still, she remained remarkably unaffected by these bizarre changes. She was a good Friend to her teammates. She seldom complained and always carried out her orders. Anastasia was a good girl ... and a good soldier. Inevitably, the day came when she left Project: Angel - left behind the experimental weapons and counterterrorism missions to return to the "real world". But while Anastasia may have quit the spy game, the spy game never quit Anastasia ...