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Carnage Premium Format Statue

Carnage Premium Format Statue

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The Carnage Premium Format Figure measures 21” tall and 17” wide as Cletus Kasady breaks free of his prison cell at Ravencroft Institute, which features an Easter egg related to his comic book debut. The sociopathic symbiote has a massive scythe arm at the ready, smiling with glee at the prospect of an unstoppable killing spree. If this villain has his way, there certainly will be Carnage.

The polystone Carnage Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted in the likeness of the character’s iconic Marvel Comics appearance. His matte red physique is detailed with swirling symbiote and sinews to create his signature flayed appearance while black, glossy tendrils of the alien substance form additional clawed weapons at Carnage’s disposal. His portrait has white eyes and black fangs, capturing the maniacal excitement of Cletus Kasady uncaged. Pair Carnage in your collection with any range of Spider-Man collectibles or Venom collectibles for an epic symbiote showdown on your shelf.

Carnage Premium Format Statue

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How much does "Carnage Premium Format Statue" cost at Wonderland Comics?

The price of "Carnage Premium Format Statue" at Wonderland Comics is USD $0.00.

Who is the publisher of "Carnage Premium Format Statue"?

The publisher of "Carnage Premium Format Statue" is Sideshow Productions.

What category does "Carnage Premium Format Statue" fall under?

"Carnage Premium Format Statue" falls under the category of Action Figures & Statues.