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Chronicles of Conan Graphic Novel Volume 11 Dance of The Skull

USD $ 16.95

(W) Roy Thomas (A) John Buscema & Various. From the savage swamps of Iskander to the burning wastes of Stygia, Conan battles mutated man-dragons and a corpse-devouring abomination in this most recent volume chronicling the legendary exploits of literatures greatest fantasy hero! Before the bronzed Cimmerian can return to the arms of his lover Belit, Queen of the Black Coast, he must face deadly treacheries and the dark spells of a cunning sorceress. Once reunited, the two shall storm the serpent throne and its dark ownerThoth-Amon! With wit and steel alone, Conan seeks victory and a prize without rival on destinys bloody road to kinghood! Featuring nine more issues (#82-90) from the famed Roy Thomas/John Buscema run on Conan the Barbarian, stories showcasing Conans adventures with Belit the She-Pirate.