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Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Graphic Novel Volume 4

USD $ 24.95

The roller-coaster of teen romance won't slow down for Kyosuke and his gang! When a curious face from the past shows up at school, will everything remain hunky-dory… or not? And can a couple of Christmas kittens show a true skeptic what love is all about? Kyosuke had better figure out his mixed-up feelings before the seasons shift and another school year races by! Kimagure Orange Road hypnotizes with laughter, love, and plenty of flirty mischief! A 'handsome hunter' and a parallel world threaten to throw Kyosuke's already-chaotic life into a total tailspin! Can he steer straight ahead through the steam of a surprise sauna and land a kiss on the lipstick-stained pout of the perfect girl? Get ready for the fourth-in a six-volume, omnibus edition, teenage drama series packed with love, romance, and a comedy of hi-jinks all rolled into one! Over 500+ pages of this classic 80's favorite is here