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Looney Tunes #275

Looney Tunes #275

USD $ 2.99

After failing multiple times to destroy planet Earth, Marvin is brought before the Martian Council to face the music. And his instant punishment by these Instant Martians is banishment from Mars--oh drat! It's up to Marvin and his faithful dog, K-9, to find a new home. But where will they land?

Looney Tunes #275

FAQs on Looney Tunes #275

How much does "Looney Tunes #275" cost at Zeppelin Comics?

The price of "Looney Tunes #275" at Zeppelin Comics is USD $2.99.

Who is the publisher of "Looney Tunes #275"?

The publisher of "Looney Tunes #275" is DC Entertainment.

What category does "Looney Tunes #275" fall under?

"Looney Tunes #275" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Looney Tunes #275"?

The artist of "Looney Tunes #275" is Derek Fridolfs. The cover artist is Derek Fridolfs.

Who is the writer of "Looney Tunes #275"?

The writer of "Looney Tunes #275" is Derek Fridolfs.