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The Phantom Scientist

The Phantom Scientist

USD $24.95

A mind-bending graphic novel that teases devious thrills from the mysteries of systems theory.An isolated institute laid out in a Fibonacci sequence, hidden deep in the forest. Twenty-four labs. Twenty-four researchers. Until one of them disappears . . .When physicist Stéphane Douasy arrives to occupy the vacant twenty-fourth lab at the Institute for the Study of Complex and Dynamic Systems, an ominous problem rises in his wake: what has happened to his missing neighbor in Building F?When Stéphane’s neighbors, a discouraged linguist and a computer scientist bent on predicting the future, discover that the missing researcher may have solved the P versus NP problem—a coup in computer science with revolutionary implications for everything from mathematics to philosophy—before vanishing, things turn stranger still, and even more menacing. Solving the mystery of the Institute and its devolution into mayhem and violence every seventh year quickly shifts from being an intellectual exercise to a matter of life and death.The Phantom Scientist is part thriller, part mystery, part systems theory—and all enthralling. The tale slyly draws together linguistics, biology, astrophysics, and robotics in a mind-bending puzzle that will thrill and inform readers.

The Phantom Scientist

FAQs on The Phantom Scientist

How much does "The Phantom Scientist" cost at Zeppelin Comics?

The price of "The Phantom Scientist" at Zeppelin Comics is USD $24.95.

What are the genres of "The Phantom Scientist"?

The genres of "The Phantom Scientist" are Crime, and Science Fiction.

What category does "The Phantom Scientist" fall under?

"The Phantom Scientist" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

Who is the writer of "The Phantom Scientist"?

The writer of "The Phantom Scientist" is Robin Cousin.