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Kutna Hora: The City of Silver

Kutna Hora: The City of Silver

USD $59.95

Join other ambitious guild leaders in mining and developing the famous City of Silver during its period of rapid economic growth and expansion in the 14th century — from the first discovery of silver near the cistercian monastery to the construction of Kutná Hora, which quickly became one of the most important cities in central Europe.

Kutná Hora is a historical city building euro game for 2–4 players that features a real-life supply and demand experience where every action you take has an impact on the game’s dynamic economic systems.

In each round, players take turns selecting actions from a hand of double-sided cards to engage strategic plans like mining, purchasing plots of land to build on, gaining permits, raising buildings for their affiliated guilds, gaining profit from their production, and of course working towards the construction of Saint Barbara’s Cathedral.

The asymmetrical nature of each player’s available guilds makes for highly interactive rounds where each decision impacts the economy and other players in interesting ways as they expand their mines and build infrastructure across a shared board.

Mine ore and smelt it into a fortune of silver for expanding this beautiful historic city, but take care to balance your personal goal advancement with the need to further the city’s growth. Everything is connected, and sometimes the path to personal victory relies on the prosperity of the many.

Bullet Points
Gain influence by directing guilds and contributing to the city’s prosperity through mining, smelting, building, food, entertainment, and more.
Acquire and construct guild-aligned buildings that provide benefits and synergies that thematically tie into the famous Czech city’s historic economic development.
Experience a dynamic real-life supply and demand economy that shifts with each decision made. Every game tells a different story.
Collectively work towards building the majestic St. Barbara’s Cathedral, earning increasingly powerful perks with each milestone completed.
1 Main board
1 Supplementary board for the buildings offer
4 Dual layer player boards
2 Stands for the market decks
St. Barbara tiles
Guild tiles
Building tiles
Mine tiles
Councilor tokens
Cardboard coins
Action cards
Market cards
Setup cards
Set of tokens for each player
points, reputation, and production trackers
1 Rulebook
Reference sheets for each player

Kutna Hora: The City of Silver

FAQs on Kutna Hora: The City of Silver

How much does "Kutna Hora: The City of Silver" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Kutna Hora: The City of Silver" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $59.95.

What are the genres of "Kutna Hora: The City of Silver"?

The genres of "Kutna Hora: The City of Silver" are Gaming, and History.

What category does "Kutna Hora: The City of Silver" fall under?

"Kutna Hora: The City of Silver" falls under the category of Games.