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Lockdown Board Game

Lockdown Board Game

USD $39.99

Summer 2023, South of the United States of America. No one knows exactly how things started. the corpses that were found dismembered and devoured in the empty lots, the hysterical messages on social networks, the appearance of the first Monsters, more and more of them, the useless deployment of the Army, the depletion of the supply, the bunkers and useless hideouts, the howling anywhere at all times, the collapse of the world.

By change, you have manage to save your loved ones and find refuge in a mall. But the danger is also inside among these families that settled her the same time you did, ready to loot and betray if necessary. How will you survive?

Lockdown takes you into a dark and oppressive place. Several families, locked in a mall, are fighting creatures which nobody knows anything about. In this semi-cooperative game, you will have to do everything you can to save your family, even if it means betraying your partners and becoming a monster yourself. Nor for the faint hearted.

Each turn represents a day through which you will have to vote to know:

1. Who will have access to the merchandise supply in the truck of the parking lot?

2. Who will be in charge of the security cameras and can tell you where the Monsters are coming?

3. Who will die with each Monsters attack?

Lockdown Board Game

FAQs on Lockdown Board Game

How much does "Lockdown Board Game" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Lockdown Board Game" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $39.99.

What is the genre of "Lockdown Board Game"?

The genre of "Lockdown Board Game" is Gaming.

What category does "Lockdown Board Game" fall under?

"Lockdown Board Game" falls under the category of Games.