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Love Letter Bridgerton

Love Letter Bridgerton

USD $14.99

Whilst encountering beloved characters from the Bridgerton series, players will launch investigations trying to figure out Lady Whistledown’s identity. Bridgerton Love Letter retains the simple and enjoyable mechanics of the original, with an added twist. Queen Charlotte is a special character included in this version with a unique power not available in the classic.

This light strategy micro-game will be enjoyed by anyone who loves Bridgerton and fans of the original Love Letter game. Easy to teach, quick to play, and small enough to carry in your pocket, Bridgerton Love Letter is the perfect casual game for any occasion and any location.

BRIDGERTON ADVENTURE: Immerse yourself in the world of the beloved Bridgerton series!
LADY WHISTLEDOWN'S SECRET: Launch investigations to uncover her identity.
QUEEN CHARLOTTE'S POWER: A unique twist with a special character, exclusive to this version.
EASY TO PLAY: Enjoy a light strategy micro-game suitable for Bridgerton fans and Love Letter enthusiasts.
PORTABLE FUN: Perfect for any occasion and location, fits in your pocket for gaming on the go.

28 cards
13 diamond tokens
1 cloth bag
1 rule sheet

Love Letter Bridgerton

FAQs on Love Letter Bridgerton

How much does "Love Letter Bridgerton" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Love Letter Bridgerton" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $14.99.

Who is the publisher of "Love Letter Bridgerton"?

The publisher of "Love Letter Bridgerton" is Asmodee.

What are the genres of "Love Letter Bridgerton"?

The genres of "Love Letter Bridgerton" are Gaming, Movie or TV Tie-In, and Tabletop Gaming.

What category does "Love Letter Bridgerton" fall under?

"Love Letter Bridgerton" falls under the category of Games.