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Marvel Legends Marvel's Nova 6 Inch Action Figure

EUR € 24.99

Chosen by the last surviving member of an elite intergalactic defense force, Richard Rider ascends from humble origins to continue the battle as Nova.

CLASSIC MARVEL'S NOVA FIGURE: This collectible 6-inch-scale Marvel's Nova figure, inspired by the Marvel comics, makes a great gift for Marvel collectors and fans.

INCLUDES 4 COMIC-INSPIRED, CHARACTER-SPECIFIC ACCESSORIES: Includes 4 Marvel's Nova -inspired accessories and is great for display in any Marvel collection.

PREMIUM DESIGN AND ARTICULATION: With high poseability and Marvel comic-inspired detail, the Marvel Legends Collection 6-inch-scale Marvel's Nova figure can be displayed in action figure and vehicle collections.

MARVEL UNIVERSE IN 6-INCH-SCALE: Look for other Marvel Legends 6-inch figures, featuring classic Marvel comic-inspired characters. (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)