!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes

!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes

EUR €6.00
EUR €19.95

Pack including 5 random single issue Super-Hero comics.
Might include Marvel, DC or other super-hero publishers.

These comics are in good condition and were published within the last couple of years.

They are selected randomly and are unique per pack.
Duplicates might occur over multiple sales, but they cannot be swapped or returned due to the nature of the sale item.

!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes

FAQs on !Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes

How much does "!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €6.00.

What category does "!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes" fall under?

"!Random Pack of Comics - Super-Heroes" falls under the category of Comics.