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2000 AD Prog #2182

EUR € 3.75

Good to have you back, Squaxx, for another pulse-pounding plunge into the Thrill-powered worlds of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

This prog we have the final instalments of Chimpsky’s Law, Hershey and Survival Geeks (bid farewell to the interdimensional nerds, Terrans, for this is their last-ever episode), plus a Future Shock from 2019’s Thought Bubble winners Liam Johnson and Robin Henley, and an Order prologue ahead of the series’ return in Prog 2184.

Just before that, though, and a whole raft of other new stories starting in a fortnight’s time, is the latest of Tharg’s nephew’s Regened issues, arriving seven days’ hence.

Cadet Dredd, Anderson, Psi-Div, Strontium Dog and more are heading your way next week — don’t miss it!

You equally don’t want to miss Meg 420, which is on sale now and contains the concluding chapters of Zombie Army, Devlin Waugh and the Dredd thriller Bad Sector. Plus there’s more excitement in Blunt and Lawless, chats with Jake Lynch, Rob Williams, Ollie Masters and Laurence Campbell, and a look at the next of Rebellion’s specials, Smash, which you can pick up from shop.2000AD.com next week. The Steel Claw, Mytek the Mighty, Thunderbolt and more — zarjaz!