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2000 AD Prog #2183

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Joko-Jargo is here again, bringing you another special all-ages edition of the Galaxy’s Greatest!

Welcome, Thrill-seekers, to the second Regened take-over issue of 2020, whereby Tharg passes the reins of his pulse-pounding SF anthology for a bumper one-off prog to his young nephew Joko-Jargo!

As ever, we’ve got a scrotnig selection of stories to energise the circuits of humanoids young and old!

We kick off with another Cadet Dredd tale, this time from Matt Smith and Nicolo Assirelli, as Joe undergoes the first of his Routine Combat Assessments that will determine his effectiveness on the dangerous streets of Mega-City One. Fellow Judge Cassandra Anderson also returns, courtesy of Cavan Scott and Paul Davidson, investigating suspicious goings-on amongst some very well-behaved schoolchildren!

Elsewhere ghost-hunters Eliot and Meera are back in Finder & Keeper by John Reppion and David Tinto, tackling a haunted block of flats, and we head back to the early days of Johnny Alpha in Strontium Dog: Acceptable Losses by Mike Carroll and Nick Brokenshire, revealing a mission he undertook when he first joined the Mutant Army; plus there’s a one-off tale of a miscreant monarch in a Future Shock from Laura Bailey and Andrea Mutti.


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