2000 AD Prog #2187

2000 AD Prog #2187

EUR €3.75

Beyond this planet, beyond the galaxy, deeper and deeper into outer space, leaving Earth far behind — that’s the premise of the new series that starts this prog from Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison, which attempts to capture the sense of wonder of travelling the universe.

Photo-journalist Cyd Finlea is snapping the majestic sights of the cosmos as she goes further into the unknown… into The Out!

There’s more escapist excitement for you Squaxx this week too with the release of 2020’s 2000 AD Sci- Fi Special, which celebrates twenty years of Rebellion publishing the Galaxy’s Greatest.

This hundred-page beast combines classic cuts from the last two decades with all-new stories that sees characters from the Rebellion era face off against those created before the millennium. Thus Captain Jack Dancer and his crew of The Red Seas battle the giant insects of Ant Wars, Dredd meets Zombo, and more. Don’t miss it!

2000 AD Prog #2187

FAQs on 2000 AD Prog #2187

How much does "2000 AD Prog #2187" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "2000 AD Prog #2187" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €3.75.

What brand is "2000 AD Prog #2187" associated with?

"2000 AD Prog #2187" is associated with the 2000 AD brand.

Who is the publisher of "2000 AD Prog #2187"?

The publisher of "2000 AD Prog #2187" is Rebellion.

What is the genre of "2000 AD Prog #2187"?

The genre of "2000 AD Prog #2187" is Anthology.

What category does "2000 AD Prog #2187" fall under?

"2000 AD Prog #2187" falls under the category of Comics.