A Do Manga Volume 1

A Do Manga Volume 1

EUR €13.99 Amano Jaku [Writer] Published by-Kodansha Comics

About the A Do Manga Volume 1

A brash young woman and a boy with a mysterious arm search for answers while evading military assassins in this dystopian sci-fi action manga, perfect for fans of Akira and Sakamoto Days.Following a wave of immigration, Japan has became a volatile mix of people and cultures, rocked by the protests of xenophobic extremists unhappy with the new status quo. A brash, job-hopping young woman named Riko is driving her scooter through one such protest when she sees a boy about to get run over by a truck. Riko just manages to shove him out of the way, and, in the hours that follow, she finds herself looking after the boy, named Eito.Riko takes Eito out for a bowl of ramen, but just as they're about to dig in, Eito is fired upon by a distant army sniper. As the bullet pierces the restaurant window and comes whizzing toward Eito, plant-like tendrils snake out from his arm and stop it in mid-flight. Who in the world is this boy, and why is the army after him?!

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Faq's on A Do Manga Volume 1

The price of "A Do Manga Volume 1" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €13.99.

The publisher of "A Do Manga Volume 1" is Kodansha Comics.

The genre of "A Do Manga Volume 1" is Science Fiction.

"A Do Manga Volume 1" falls under the category of Manga.

The artist of "A Do Manga Volume 1" is Amano Jaku. The cover artist is Amano Jaku.

The writer of "A Do Manga Volume 1" is Amano Jaku.