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Alter Ego #148

EUR € 9.95

Alter Ego is a special issue dedicated to Joe Petrilak's All-Time Classic New York Comic Book Convention, held in June 2000, with the greatest lineup of Golden & Silver Age talent ever assembled at a single con! Panels (on the 60th anniversaries of The Flash and Green Lantern, etc., etc.), art and photos featuring INfantino, Kubert, 3 Schwartzes (Julie, Alvin, and Lew Sayre), Nodell, Hasen, Giella, Cuidera, Boltinoff, Buscema, Ayers, Sinnott, [Marie] Severin, Goulart, Thomas, and a host of others! Plus, you've never seen anything like Russ Rainbolt's 60-foot comics mural, presented in a spectacular layout!