Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)

Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)

EUR €5.99 Scott Snyder [Writer] Published by-Dark Horse Comics

About the Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)

A high-flying, WW1 adventure story that’s an intimate portrait of love and war—and a meditation on the dangerous level of trust required in both romance and aviation.   There's nowhere left to run. With Hawk and Tillie at their absolute lowest, what will happen when they finally come face-to-face with the man tasked with putting an end to their high-flying adventures.   This Bonnie and Clyde romp brings together writer Scott Snyder (We Have Demons) and the breath-taking illustrations of Tula Lotay (Supreme: Blue Rose) — her longest sequential work to date.

Faq's on Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)

The price of "Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €5.99.

The publisher of "Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" is Dark Horse Comics.

The genres of "Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" are Science Fiction, and War.

"Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" is Tula Lotay. The cover artist is Tula Lotay.

The writer of "Barnstormers #3 Cover A (Tula Lotay)" is Scott Snyder.