Break Graphic Novel

Break Graphic Novel

EUR €15.99 Kayla Miller [Writer] Published by-Clarion Books

About the Break Graphic Novel

Spring Break is full of possibilities, but not for Olive. This year, Olive is leaving her friends and all of their exciting vacation plans behind to visit her dad at his new apartment in the city. Goober is thrilled to spend a whole week with their father and has a long list of activities for their time together. Olive, on the other hand, still remembers the hurt of their dad moving halfway across the world. She would rather spend time with her friend Bree or scrolling through her new phone to keep up with everything she's missing back home than catch up with him. As the week winds on, the normally easygoing Olive finds feelings of loneliness and resentment throwing her out of whack. Is there any hope of salvaging the visit-or will Olive's Spring Break be a Spring Bust?

Faq's on Break Graphic Novel

The price of "Break Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €15.99.

The publisher of "Break Graphic Novel" is Clarion Books.

The genres of "Break Graphic Novel" are Kids, and Reality Based.

"Break Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Break Graphic Novel" is Kayla Miller. The cover artist is Kayla Miller.

The writer of "Break Graphic Novel" is Kayla Miller.