Brooms Graphic Novel

Brooms Graphic Novel

EUR €18.99 Published by-Levine Querido

About the Brooms Graphic Novel

It's 1930s Mississippi. Magic is permitted only in certain circumstances, and by certain people. Unsanctioned broom racing is banned. But for those who need the money, or the thrills... it's there to be found. Meet Billie Mae, captain of the Night Storms racing team, and Loretta, her best friend and second-in-command. They're determined to make enough money to move out west to a state that allows Black folks to legally use magic and take part in national races. Cheng-Kwan-doing her best to handle the delicate and dangerous double act of being the perfect 'son' to her parents, and being true to herself while racing. Mattie and Emma-Choctaw and Black-the youngest of the group and trying to dodge government officials who want to send them and their newly-surfaced powers away to boarding school. And Luella, in love with Billie Mae. Her powers were sealed away years ago after she fought back against the government. She'll do anything to prevent the same fate for her cousins.

Faq's on Brooms Graphic Novel

The price of "Brooms Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €18.99.

The publisher of "Brooms Graphic Novel" is Levine Querido.

The genres of "Brooms Graphic Novel" are Fantasy, and Kids.

"Brooms Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.