Defenders Beyond #3

Defenders Beyond #3

EUR €4.99 Al Ewing [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Defenders Beyond #3

Loki's Defenders manage to escape the Second Cosmos and the Beyonder, but Taaia is grievously wounded in the process and none of Loki's or Blue Marvel's expertise seems to be helping. Enter - the Phoenix! But what is the price of a universal constant's aid…? RATED T+

Faq's on Defenders Beyond #3

The price of "Defenders Beyond #3" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €4.99.

"Defenders Beyond #3" is associated with the Defenders brand.

The publisher of "Defenders Beyond #3" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "Defenders Beyond #3" is Superheroes.

"Defenders Beyond #3" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Defenders Beyond #3" is Javier Rodríguez. The cover artist is Javier Rodríguez.

The writer of "Defenders Beyond #3" is Al Ewing.