Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)

Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)

EUR €19.95 Alejandro Jodorowsky [Writer] Published by-Humanoids Inc

About the Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)

Diosamante, the beautiful, egotistical queen falls passionately in love with a king. To prove herself worthy, she begins a long journey in search of self-perfection. The Kingdom of Arhas is clenched in the iron fist of Queen Diosamante. The pitiless ruler is known as much for her cruelty as for her incredible beauty, causing countless mighty warriors to throw themselves into fatal combat. One day, the glowing reputation of Urbal de Sarabba challenges the pride of the young queen, as this king is said to be wiser, more powerful, and loved by his people. Furious, the intrepid beauty goes in search of this man who dares cast a shadow over her. When she arrives at his palace, however, their meeting takes an unexpected turn when the two sovereigns fall madly in love.

Faq's on Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)

The price of "Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €19.95.

The publisher of "Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Humanoids Inc.

The genre of "Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Fantasy.

"Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Jean-Claude Gal. The cover artist is Jean-Claude Gal.

The writer of "Diosamante Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Alejandro Jodorowsky.