Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)

Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)

EUR €5.99 Steve Orlando [Writer] Published by-Mad Cave Studios

About the Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)

Ellen Blair. Syd Miller. Two of Earth's foremost combat exorcists. And despite all that? They're in way over their heads. Syd and Ellen might've defeated Sloth and exorcized the first level of the Hellscraper, but there are still legions of demons between the two warriors and the soul auction they're desperate to shut down…not to mention the devastating sins that guard each level. As Syd and Ellen celebrate their victory over Sloth, they don't even realize they've fallen right into the clutches of Lust! As a couple, Syd and Ellen could never make it work, but now, as partners, if they can't overcome the lingering lust they have for each other, their mission to save souls will be deader than their romance.

Faq's on Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)

The price of "Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €5.99.

The publisher of "Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" is Mad Cave Studios.

The genre of "Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" is Horror.

"Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" is Sebastián Piriz. The cover artist is Sebastián Piriz.

The writer of "Exorcists Never Die #2 (Of 6)" is Steve Orlando.