Fangoria Volume 2 #12

Fangoria Volume 2 #12

EUR €19.79

Fangoria is a quarterly magazine covering the horror film genre since 1979. Fangoria relaunched in October 2018 as a quarterly collectible with in-depth interview with filmmakers, as well as retrospectives and columns by those in the horror film business.

Fangoria Volume 2 #12

FAQs on Fangoria Volume 2 #12

How much does "Fangoria Volume 2 #12" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "Fangoria Volume 2 #12" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €19.79.

Who is the publisher of "Fangoria Volume 2 #12"?

The publisher of "Fangoria Volume 2 #12" is Fangoria Publishing Llc.

What is the genre of "Fangoria Volume 2 #12"?

The genre of "Fangoria Volume 2 #12" is Horror.

What category does "Fangoria Volume 2 #12" fall under?

"Fangoria Volume 2 #12" falls under the category of Magazines.