Ghost Roast Graphic Novel

Ghost Roast Graphic Novel

EUR €18.99 Shawnee Gibbs [Writer] Published by-Versify

About the Ghost Roast Graphic Novel

For as long as she can remember, Chelsea Grant has tried everything she can think of to distance herself from the disastrous damage her father does to her social life. It's not easy to shake her reputation as Ghost Girl when Dad keeps advertising his business as a 'paranormal removal expert' in big, bold, loud letters all over New Orleans! This year, Chelsea's all grown up, attending one of the most prestigious high schools in the city, and she's finally made friends with the popular crowd. Things are looking up-until a night on the town backfires spectacularly, landing her in hot water at home. Her punishment? Working for her dad at Paranormal Removal Services. All. Summer. Worst of all, her new job reveals an unexpected secret she has to keep: while Dad hunts ghosts with his own DIY tech, Chelsea can actually see them. And when she meets Oliver, a friendly spirit, at the fancy mansion her dad is getting a handsome fee to exorcise, she realizes she has to find a way to save his afterlife, even if it risks everything her father's worked for.

Faq's on Ghost Roast Graphic Novel

The price of "Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €18.99.

The publisher of "Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" is Versify.

The genres of "Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" are Action Adventure, and Young Adult.

"Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" is Emily Cannon.

The writer of "Ghost Roast Graphic Novel" is Shawnee Gibbs.