Good Luck Graphic Novel

Good Luck Graphic Novel

EUR €17.99 Matthew Erman [Writer] Published by-Boom! Studios

About the Good Luck Graphic Novel

* Rising stars Matthew Erman (Power Rangers: Sins of the Future) and Stefano Simeone (Mega Man: Fully Charged) introduce a world where Luck is measurable and has tangible effects on reality. * Artie, Cherry, Hilde, and Joseph are The Unfortunates, a group of teens with absolutely no Luck who are part of a government program dedicated to understanding and controlling Luck. * The world changed with the discovery of the Constellations - mysterious beings who can seemingly control the very nature of Luck and its cosmic, probability-warping effects. * The Unfortunates must travel to the Kismet Zone created by the Constellations to understand the true nature of Luck and find a way to get the world back in order. Of course, with zero luck, the odds aren't exactly in their favor. * Collects Good Luck #1-5.

Faq's on Good Luck Graphic Novel

The price of "Good Luck Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €17.99.

The publisher of "Good Luck Graphic Novel" is Boom! Studios.

The genres of "Good Luck Graphic Novel" are Action Adventure, and Fantasy.

"Good Luck Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Good Luck Graphic Novel" is Stefano Simeone. The cover artist is Jorge Corona.

The writer of "Good Luck Graphic Novel" is Matthew Erman.