Irish History of Werewolves

Irish History of Werewolves

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About the Irish History of Werewolves

‘Big dark furry werewolves with horrible claws and long sharp yellow teeth. ’‘Irish History of Werewolves’ is a fun children's picture book for 2-6 year olds full of fascinating illustrated werewolf stories based on Irish Mythology and literature. From the wolf warriors of Tipperary known as the ‘Laignech Fáelad’ to the tale of the travelling priest of Ossary. So if you want to know more about how the presence of wolves in the Irish countryside up till the year 1786 influenced Irish Mythology, then this collection of fully illustrated stories is perfect for you! ‘Irish History of Werewolves’ is part of an upcoming series of books from the Boo Workshop, a kids show all about discovering the world of mythological creatures. You can find the Boo Workshop and other great shows on the McCool Network, an Irish children’s channel

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