Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)

Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)

EUR €3.99 Alyssa Wong [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)

THE HUNT IS ON! • As the NEW IRON FIST adjusts to his role, he struggles to handle the WARRING SOURCES of his power! • Can he find balance before they consume him? • The answers he seeks may lie at the heart of K'UN-LUN - with the PAST IRON FISTS! • Meanwhile, DANNY RAND'S hunt for the Mysterious Iron Fist heats up! In order to catch him, Danny will have to cash in a favor... from an old friend! RATED T+

Faq's on Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)

The price of "Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €3.99.

"Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" is associated with the Iron Fist brand.

The publisher of "Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" is Superheroes.

"Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artists of "Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" are Ibraim Roberson, and Michael Yg. The cover artist is Leinil Francis Yu.

The writer of "Iron Fist #2 (Of 5)" is Alyssa Wong.