Iron Man #24 (2020)

Iron Man #24 (2020)

EUR €4.99

Tony Stark has all but bankrupted himself buying up every dangerous piece of tech he's chased down on the black market network, dismantling it from the inside. As he and Rhodey lock it all up and plan their next steps, Tony and Riri Williams argue over what to do with the most powerful weapon they've recovered…the Mandarin's rings.

Iron Man #24 (2020)

FAQs on Iron Man #24 (2020)

How much does "Iron Man #24 (2020)" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "Iron Man #24 (2020)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €4.99.

What brand is "Iron Man #24 (2020)" associated with?

"Iron Man #24 (2020)" is associated with the Iron Man brand.

Who is the publisher of "Iron Man #24 (2020)"?

The publisher of "Iron Man #24 (2020)" is Marvel Comics.

What is the genre of "Iron Man #24 (2020)"?

The genre of "Iron Man #24 (2020)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Iron Man #24 (2020)" fall under?

"Iron Man #24 (2020)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Iron Man #24 (2020)"?

The artist of "Iron Man #24 (2020)" is Angel Unzueta. The cover artist is Alex Ross.

Who is the writer of "Iron Man #24 (2020)"?

The writer of "Iron Man #24 (2020)" is Christopher Cantwell.