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Judge Dredd Megazine #420

EUR € 8.50

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! The lawman leads an assault on the fungal drug factory in the finale to 'Bad Sector'; a new menace arrives in Badrock in Lawless: 'Boom Town' by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade; Devlin Waugh fights for his life in the climax to 'A Very Large Splash'; the Zhind mutant claims more lives in series three of 'Blunt' by T.C. Eglington and Boo Cook; and in Zombie Army, the exclusive videogame tie-in written by I, Zombie's Chris Roberson and illustrated by Andrea Mutti, one shot can stop the undead in the concluding chapter! In addition, in the bagged mini-trade, East-Meg agent Orlok is the best at what he does in 'Eurozoned' by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch!