Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)

Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)

EUR €14.99 Dan Watters [Writer] Published by-Image Comics

About the Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)

A detective with no memory, no identity, and no manners. A femme fatale seeking escape from a powerful crime lord. A voodoo queen with a penchant for mixtapes and hi-tops. A goat-eating TV... A surreal neon-noir fusing hardboiled pulp with an 80's VHS visual aesthetic, dripping with neon and static. Collects LIMBO #1-6.

Faq's on Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)

The price of "Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €14.99.

The publisher of "Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Image Comics.

The genre of "Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Science Fiction.

"Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Jan Wijngaard. The cover artist is Jan Wijngaard.

The writer of "Limbo Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Dan Watters.