Lure Hardcover

Lure Hardcover

EUR €29.99 Lane Milburn [Writer] Published by-Fantagraphics Books

About the Lure Hardcover

In this SF graphic novel, a group of idealistic young artists from Earth are commissioned to collaborate on a corporate art project for a planet that has been colonized for luxury living. The world's elite use the ocean planet of Lure as a luxury vacation hub for a decade. But when climate change threatens Earth's long-term habitability, many of those who can afford it move to Lure for good. When the opportunity to work there for a year is offered to visual artist Jo Sparta, as part of a group of artists collaborating on a large-scale installation of public art, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. But then, Jo stumbles across a nefarious plot by her corporate benefactors and feels compelled to go public. Lure showcases Milburn's rich visual imagination, with the planet Lure itself an ever-seductive, otherworldly paradise against which he spotlights themes of climate change, the disparity of wealth, and the value of art - all in the service of a grippingly moral thriller.

Faq's on Lure Hardcover

The price of "Lure Hardcover" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €29.99.

The publisher of "Lure Hardcover" is Fantagraphics Books.

The genre of "Lure Hardcover" is Science Fiction.

"Lure Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

The writer of "Lure Hardcover" is Lane Milburn.