Marauders #27 (2019)

Marauders #27 (2019)

EUR €4.99 Gerry Duggan [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Marauders #27 (2019)

THE SUN SETS ON THE MARAUDERS. The Marauders' first tour comes to a close as the shake-ups within the Hellfire Trading Company crystalize. Will any of the inner circle remain standing? And can the crew survive the changes happening around them? RATED T+

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Faq's on Marauders #27 (2019)

The price of "Marauders #27 (2019)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €4.99.

"Marauders #27 (2019)" is associated with the X-Men brand.

The publisher of "Marauders #27 (2019)" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "Marauders #27 (2019)" is Superheroes.

"Marauders #27 (2019)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Marauders #27 (2019)" is Matteo Lolli. The cover artist is Russell Dauterman.

The writer of "Marauders #27 (2019)" is Gerry Duggan.