Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover

Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover

EUR €24.99 Suzanne Walker [Writer] Brenna Thummler [Writer] Published by-Oni Press Inc.

About the Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover

The brand-new deluxe edition of Mooncakes features never-before-seen content from the bewitching graphic novel by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu. Perfect for any collector's bookshelf, the new edition comes in a deluxe hardcover package featuring a new cover and bonus content, including an introduction and behind-the-scenes development art and writing. A story of love and demons, family and witchcraft. Nova Huang knows more about magic than your average teen witch. She works at her grandmothers’ bookshop, where she helps them loan out spell books and investigate any supernatural occurrences in their New England town. One fateful night, she follows reports of a white wolf into the woods and comes across the unexpected: her childhood crush, Tam Lang, battling a horse demon in the woods. As a werewolf, Tam has been wandering from place to place for years, unable to call any town home. Pursued by dark forces eager to claim the magic of wolves, and out of options, Tam turns to Nova for help. Their latent feelings are rekindled against the backdrop of witchcraft, untested magic, occult rituals, and family ties both new and old in this enchanting tale of self-discovery.

Faq's on Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover

The price of "Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €24.99.

The publisher of "Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" is Oni Press Inc..

The genres of "Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" are Fantasy, and Young Adult.

"Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

The artists of "Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" are Wendy Xu, and Brenna Thummler. The cover artist is Wendy Xu.

The writers of "Mooncakes Collected Edition Hardcover" are Suzanne Walker, and Brenna Thummler.