Pacey Packer Unicorn Tracker Graphic Novel Volume 2 Horn Slayer

EUR € 12.99

The last time Pacey Packer was in Rundalyn, the world of unicorns, she sliced the horn off of Arkane, the Evil Apha Unicorn, and took away his power. Now the unicorns and other creatures under Arkane's rule call her The Horn Slayer. Pacey may be a legend in the world of unicorns, but she didn't finish the job. The statue children in Rundalyn still need to be freed. And back in the human realm, she's still stuck walking dogs and babysitting her little sister-not to mention dealing with Slasher, the world's grumpiest stuffed unicorn. Rundalyn needs a hero though and it's up to Pacey to go back and finish what she started.