Predator Vs. Wolverine #2

Predator Vs. Wolverine #2

EUR €6.99 Ben Percy [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Predator Vs. Wolverine #2

'YOU PICKED THE WRONG MUTANT TO HUNT!' And none knows it better than a Predator! After their first encounter in the Canadian wilderness, Wolverine thought he had moved on - to new fights, worse wounds and tragedies he only wants to forget. But a Yautja does not forget an enemy… At a time when Logan barely knows his own name and is running black ops side by side with Sabretooth and Maverick as 'Team X,' how can he make it through round two with a Predator he doesn't remember fighting?! Plus, the first glimpse at Weapon X! Rated T+

Faq's on Predator Vs. Wolverine #2

The price of "Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €6.99.

"Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" is associated with the Predator, and Wolverine brands.

The publisher of "Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" is Marvel Comics.

"Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" is Andrea Di Vito. The cover artist is Marco Checchetto.

The writer of "Predator Vs. Wolverine #2" is Ben Percy.