Renegade Rule Graphic Novel

Renegade Rule Graphic Novel

EUR €5.00
EUR €19.99
Ben Kahn [Writer] Published by-Dark Horse Comics

About the Renegade Rule Graphic Novel

The Manhattan Mist have beaten the odds to land themselves in the national championships for Renegade Rule, one of the hottest virtual reality games in existence. But they're in for competition fiercer than they ever imagined, and one team member's entire future could be at stake. Four queer female friends will have to play harder than ever against self-doubt, infighting, romantic distraction, and a slew of other world-class teams if they hope to become champions. From Ignatz-nominated writer Ben Kahn, debut author Rachel Silverstein, and artist Sam Beck is a celebration of friendship, competition, queer identity, and the insane things we do for the things and people we love.

Faq's on Renegade Rule Graphic Novel

The price of "Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €5.00.

The publisher of "Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" is Dark Horse Comics.

The genre of "Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" is Fantasy.

"Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" is Sam Beck. The cover artist is Sam Beck.

The writer of "Renegade Rule Graphic Novel" is Ben Kahn.