Retrofan Magazine #28

Retrofan Magazine #28

EUR €10.95

Revisit the British Invasion of the Sixties, when America flipped its wig over the Fab Four-and their imitators! Plus: an interview with Bond Girl Trina Parks, The Mighty Hercules, Horror Hostess Moona Lisa, World's Greatest Super Friends, TV Guide Fall Previews, the Frito Bandito, a Popeye Super Collector, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, Scott Shaw, and Mark Voger! Edited by Michael Eury.

Retrofan Magazine #28

FAQs on Retrofan Magazine #28

How much does "Retrofan Magazine #28" cost at Big Bang Comics?

The price of "Retrofan Magazine #28" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €10.95.

Who is the publisher of "Retrofan Magazine #28"?

The publisher of "Retrofan Magazine #28" is Twomorrows Publishing.

What is the genre of "Retrofan Magazine #28"?

The genre of "Retrofan Magazine #28" is Pop Culture.

What category does "Retrofan Magazine #28" fall under?

"Retrofan Magazine #28" falls under the category of Magazines.