Strangelands #3 (Mature)

Strangelands #3 (Mature)

EUR €3.99 Magdalene Visaggio [Writer] Published by-Humanoids Inc

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About the Strangelands #3 (Mature)

Elakshi and Adam Land look for a key to understanding their powers at the Wild Saints lodge. But all they found up to now are lies and deceit… Double origin issue! As the mysterious Win schemes, he gets Adam to talk about his past and reveal which traumatic events could have led to his ignition. And how about MI6 super agent Bixby Hardman? He has been on the Lands' backs for months. Is his past the key to our heroes' future?

Faq's on Strangelands #3 (Mature)

The price of "Strangelands #3 (Mature)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €3.99.

The publisher of "Strangelands #3 (Mature)" is Humanoids Inc.

The genre of "Strangelands #3 (Mature)" is Science Fiction.

"Strangelands #3 (Mature)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Strangelands #3 (Mature)" is Vanesa R. Del Rey. The cover artist is Guiseppe Camuncoli.

The writer of "Strangelands #3 (Mature)" is Magdalene Visaggio.