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!Black Friday Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee War For Cybertron Core Bumblebee & Spike Witwicky 2-

EUR € 9.99
EUR € 19.99

BUZZWORTHY BUMBLEBEE: You've probably heard the buzz, but Bumblebee is kind of a big deal. And now the bodacious bot is making his mark with a line of some of the most buzzworthy Bumblebee products for fans of all ages

CORE CLASS: Fans can add this Bumblebee figure to their collection, inspired by the original G1 toy design, released in our new 3.5-inch Core Class scale!

G1-INSPIRED MODE AND WEAPON: Bumblebee figure converts into hatchback car mode in 11 steps. Comes with a blaster accessory

SPIKE WITWICKY: Pack includes a Spike Witwicky mini figure in his exosuit, inspired by the G1 animation. Convert figure into rover mode in 1 step.

BUMBLEBEE-THEMED PACKAGING: Special Buzzworthy Bumblebee collectible packaging

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