Venom #23 Insignia Variant

Venom #23 Insignia Variant

EUR €4.99 Al Ewing [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Venom #23 Insignia Variant

A NEW VISION OF TOXIN! Toxin is the offspring of the most dangerous symbiote in the history of the Marvel Universe: CARNAGE. But while Carnage and Cletus Kasady are separated and both devising machinations and plans of cosmic bloodshed and conquest, what has its progeny been doing? And will Dylan Brock or the Venom symbiote survive when they come face to face with this latest terrifying Toxin?! PLUS: Toxin isn't the only symbiote in this story who's unlike anything you've ever seen! The symbiote family is about to grow a little larger… and what's coming will change the continuing saga of the symbiotes FOREVER!

Faq's on Venom #23 Insignia Variant

The price of "Venom #23 Insignia Variant" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €4.99.

"Venom #23 Insignia Variant" is associated with the Spider-Man brand.

The publisher of "Venom #23 Insignia Variant" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "Venom #23 Insignia Variant" is Superheroes.

"Venom #23 Insignia Variant" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Venom #23 Insignia Variant" is Ken Lashley.

The writer of "Venom #23 Insignia Variant" is Al Ewing.