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Stellar Graphic Novel

Stellar Graphic Novel

USD $16.99

Stellar was taken as a child and transformed into the ultimate weapon, one that would end an intergalactic war. She succeeded...at everything except finding peace. Reduced to a bounty hunter, she scours the worlds she's broken, searching for redemption. But there are other weapons loose in the galaxy, who just can't leave the war behind them. Joseph Keatinge (SHUTTER) and legendary artist Bret Blevins (New Mutants, Sleepwalker) will transport you to another dimension, filled with crashed spaceships, fast-talking aliens, and ageless wonders. Collects STELLAR #1-6.

Stellar Graphic Novel

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FAQs on Stellar Graphic Novel

How much does "Stellar Graphic Novel" cost at Captain Blue Hen Comics?

The price of "Stellar Graphic Novel" at Captain Blue Hen Comics is USD $16.99.

Who is the publisher of "Stellar Graphic Novel"?

The publisher of "Stellar Graphic Novel" is Image Comics.

What is the genre of "Stellar Graphic Novel"?

The genre of "Stellar Graphic Novel" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Stellar Graphic Novel" fall under?

"Stellar Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Stellar Graphic Novel"?

The artist of "Stellar Graphic Novel" is Bret Blevins. The cover artist is Bret Blevins.

Who is the writer of "Stellar Graphic Novel"?

The writer of "Stellar Graphic Novel" is Joseph Keatinge.