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Wolverine #26 (2020)

Wolverine #26 (2020)

USD $3.99

THE MARK OF THE BEAST! On defense or offense, WOLVERINE is Krakoa's weapon. But that doesn't mean he attacks where BEAST aims…and McCoy's latest ask is going to set Logan on a startling and revelatory path set to redefine his future! A perfect jumping-on point for new readers…and the culmination of story threads from the start of this volume no continuing reader can afford to miss!

Wolverine #26 (2020)

FAQs on Wolverine #26 (2020)

How much does "Wolverine #26 (2020)" cost at Captain Blue Hen Comics?

The price of "Wolverine #26 (2020)" at Captain Blue Hen Comics is USD $3.99.

What brands are Wolverine #26 (2020) associated with?

"Wolverine #26 (2020)" is associated with the Wolverine, and X-Men brands.

Who is the publisher of "Wolverine #26 (2020)"?

The publisher of "Wolverine #26 (2020)" is Marvel Comics.

What is the genre of "Wolverine #26 (2020)"?

The genre of "Wolverine #26 (2020)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Wolverine #26 (2020)" fall under?

"Wolverine #26 (2020)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Wolverine #26 (2020)"?

The artist of "Wolverine #26 (2020)" is Juan Jose Ryp. The cover artist is Leinil Francis Yu.

Who is the writer of "Wolverine #26 (2020)"?

The writer of "Wolverine #26 (2020)" is Ben Percy.