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Bvs Dah-014 Dynamic 8-Ction Knightmare Batman Action Figure

USD $ 80.00

From Beast Kingdom. Continuing the Dynamic 8ction Heroes line of highly detailed action figures, Beast Kingdom is proud to present the latest DAH 8' action figure: DAH-014 Knightmare Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Revisit the 'Apocalypse' scene from a terrifying possible future, which sees Batman exhausted and fighting for his life! The latest DAH figure is a recreation of Batman's 'Mercenary' outfit using real cloth material, complete with goggles, coat, scarf, worn armor and belt. Enter his nightmare dream and experience the struggle against the elements and his many adversaries including the Parademons as well as Superman himself. DAH-014 Knightmare Batman also includes several pairs of interchangeable hands.