Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)

Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)

USD $3.99 Matt Bors [Writer] Mattie Lubchansky [Writer] Published by-Ahoy Comics

About the Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)

Creatures on the loose: writer Matt Bors (Justice Warriors, The Nib) and artist Daniel Irizarri take us to Puerto Rico to discover the frightful Chupacabra! Then, Mattie Lubchansky (Boys Weekend) and Maki Naro take us in search of the perfect cryptid influencer.

Faq's on Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)

The price of "Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" at Collected Comics & Games: Haltom City is USD $3.99.

The publisher of "Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" is Ahoy Comics.

The genres of "Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" are Anthology, and Humor.

"Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artists of "Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" are Daniel Irizarri, and Maki Naro. The cover artists are Daniel Irizarri, and Maki Naro.

The writers of "Project Cryptid #6 (Mature) (Of 6)" are Matt Bors, and Mattie Lubchansky.