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Toy Story Ds-031 Aliens Rocket D-Stage Series Deluxe Px Statue

USD $ 36.99

From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Remember the three cute three-eyed Aliens from Toy Story? Always looking up, at the stars, waiting for their master to take them far away to space? With a little help from their friends they just might be able to succeed! Beast Kingdom is proud to present, the first in a line of Deluxe 'D-Stage' dioramas! The Deluxe range brings along unique and functional elements. In this figure, all six aliens are free to move, ready to be placed alongside their friends! With a certain element of playability and customization the D-Stage 031 has you taking home the fun! With Toy Story 4 now in theaters, set your countdown to 3,2,1 and lift-off!