Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)

Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)

USD $9.99 Max Marks [Writer] Published by-Dynamite Entertainment

About the Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)

Ever since hard-drinking, local Woodhaven police officer Lou Garou had a late-night bender and stumbled onto dark magic, his life has been turned upside-down. Now he moonlights as WolfCop, a rage-fueled, bourbon-swilling, magnum-toting, rabid warrior for justice! Everyone's favorite lycanthropic lawman tears out of the big screen and into this comic to fight bigger, badder and meaner monsters! WolfCop gets caught up in a bit of small-town hospitality when a bordello with dark secrets traps him with his two favorite vices - women and booze. Then when black magic leaves him alone and wolfed-out full time, WolfCop must return home, only for unfamiliar faces to have a surprise party planned for him. Not the fun kind either!

Faq's on Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)

The price of "Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" at Collected Comics & Games: Haltom City is USD $9.99.

The publisher of "Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Dynamite Entertainment.

The genre of "Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Action Adventure.

"Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Arcana Studios. The cover artist is Arcana Studios.

The writer of "Wolfcop Graphic Novel (Mature)" is Max Marks.