Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)

Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)

USD $29.95 Nick Drnaso [Writer] Published by-Drawn & Quarterly

About the Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)

Acting Class creates a tapestry of disconnect, distrust, and manipulation. Ten strangers are brought together under the tutelage of John Smith, a mysterious and morally questionable leader. The group of social misfits and restless searchers have one thing in common: they are out of step with their surroundings and desperate for change. When the line between real life and imagination begins to blur, the group's deepest fears and desires are laid bare. Exploring the tension between who we are and how we present, Drnaso cracks open his characters' masks and takes us through an unsettling American journey.

Faq's on Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)

The price of "Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" at Comickaze Comics is USD $29.95.

The publisher of "Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" is Drawn & Quarterly.

The genre of "Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" is Literary.

"Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" is Nick Drnaso. The cover artist is Nick Drnaso.

The writer of "Acting Class Hardcover (Mature)" is Nick Drnaso.